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Review Magix Music Maker


Para celebrar el lanzamiento de Magix Music Maker 2016, en electromuzic.com en colaboración con Magix sorteamos una licencia del programa Magix Music Maker Live 2016, valorado en 99,99 €. Participar es muy sencillo, sólo tienes que darle un Like en Facebook a este artículo. ¡Tienes hasta el 29 de Febrero para participar!

Magix Music Maker es un software para producción musical orientado a todos los públicos y que da todas las facilidades para que la gente sin conocimientos musicales que desea introducirse en este mundo, para que pueda hacerlo de manera intuitiva pero sin descuidar la calidad ni recortar las posibilidades creativas para usuarios más avanzados.

La familia Magix Music Maker 2016 se compone de 3 versiones del software: Music Maker que es la versión orientada a la producción musical, Music Maker Premium, que amplía la cantidad de loops, sonidos e instrumentos disponibles en Music Maker, y finalmente Music Maker Live, que incluye todas las características de Music Maker y además aspectos y módulos especialmente  enfocados a las actuaciones en directo.


Entre las características más importantes de Music Maker están la facilidad de uso y las grandes posibilidades que ofrece, empezando por arrastrar y soltar sonidos y loops de diferentes estilos musicales que incluye por defecto (hip-hop, 80’s, rock, pop…), con 99 pistas a tu disposición, y pudiendo añadir efectos, grabar y masterizar la mezcla. También disponemos de 11 instrumentos virtuales y 1 sampler.

Los loops se pueden configurar en tono, volumen, duración, fade-in y fade-out, cortar una parte del loop, aplicarle efectos de sonido etc. de manera muy sencilla.

Para usuarios avanzados, destacar la compatibilidad de Music Maker con VST2 y VST3 y la posibilidad de conectar controladores MIDI, disponiendo de varios modelos específicos para este software que vende Magix en pack con la versión Live del programa. También existe la posibilidad de grabar instrumentos o voces reales directamente desde Magix y editarlos.

Particularidades de la versión Live

Como comentábamos anteriormente, Live contiene todas las características de Magix Music Maker 2016, algunos paquetes de sonidos adicionales y características especiales para directos.

Entre las particularidades más destacadas de Music Maker Live, se encuentra el número ilimitado de pistas, y el módulo específico para directos, que aporta gran facilidad para lanzar loops, grabar la sesión o cambiar el pitch, con 7 tonos disponibles que ajustan todos los loops automáticamente. Todo ello puede ser controlado directamente en el ordenador desde el ratón o mediante el teclado, o desde la app específica Magix Audio Remote (disponible para iOS y Android), que aporta una manera más intuitiva y rápida de lanzar los sonidos.

También existe la posibilidad de utilizar el controlador USB específico de Magix (se vende por separado), que además de tener incluido 16 pads, tiene teclado y potenciómetros para controlar los instrumentos virtuales, y los pads son de plástico blando y retroiluminados. De momento no existe la posibilidad de mapear los controles de otros controladores MIDI.


Más información en http://www.magix.com/es/music-maker/

Gran Sorteo

Para celebrar el lanzamiento de Magix Music Maker 2016, en electromuzic.com en colaboración con Magix sorteamos una licencia del programa Magix Music Maker Live 2016, valorado en 99,99 €. Participar es muy sencillo, sólo tienes que darle un Like en Facebook a este artículo. ¡Tienes hasta el 29 de Febrero para participar!

Amnesia Ibiza Opening Party 2014

The night of May 31st of 2014 was when the winter turned into summer at Amnesia, as the Ibizan superclub stepped into a new season of partying non-stop. Year in year out, the mythical venue opening party is one of the most rip-roaring events in the island’s calendar of remarkable music happenings. This year Amnesia once again cemented its status of a definite must-go. The line-up was even more innovative than usually, surpassing all expectations and pairing sturdy island favourites with other DJs that you can rarely hear in Ibiza, bringing in some fresh new sounds to the White Isle.

Cutting the ribbon of what promises to be yet another fantastic season for Amnesia were Les Schmitz and, who played the first records that were heard at the club, starting it all in the Main Room. Kölsch followed them in the process of warming up the dance floor for this room’s headliners Maya Jane Coles and Adam Beyer that gave no rest to the thousands of punters as also did Scuba until the music faded out at late hours in the morning.

The bigger and busier Terrace saw an unprecedented array of underground artists on the decks. The Italian Luca Donzelli and the Brasilian Renato Ratier were the first to showcase their DJ sets as the huge space was starting to get completely packed also with a cosmopolitan crowd hungry for the beats and the grooves of UK’s native Eats Everything. Mar-T was honored to play during those mystic hours when the sun starts to leak into the most venerated Terrace in the world at dawn, giving way to a majestic performance by Davide Squillace who tore the walls down as mightily as he only can, as a prelude to a overwhelming closing set by no other than the three guys that form the strongest underground DJ trio ever, Apollonia: Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dye Soundorom.

You would think that no other night at Amnesia this summer would be able to beat this first event of the season, but this might be only because you haven’t checked yet the mind-blowing calendar of parties coming up at Amnesia in summer 2014. It’s going to be really massive, but none of them as much as the 2014 closing party that is programmed for Saturday the 4th of October.

Fasten your dancing shoes and get ready to make merry at all the events put together for this summer 2014 at Amnesia!

Opening Amnesia 2014

Alma closes an outstanding 2012 at GOA

The label based in Madrid, concludes a year of strong growth. Next December 2nd, GOA, the best electronic music festival in Spain, included an Alma Soul Music zone with Theo Parrish and Art Of Tones as luxury guest artists, in company of part of the label staff: Marcos In Dub, Javier Varez and D Low.

This event is the perfect end to a tour of four dates in wich Alma celebrated its 3 years of life doing special parties at Hotel Silken Ramblas (Barcelona Sonar Week), Weekend Berlin and Bloemenbar (Amsterdam ADE Week). Under the name of “Friends with Alma” the label was congratulated with Dj sets from artists such as Karotte, Lauhaus, Marco Effe, Luca Bear, Romano Alfieri, Henry Saiz, Thomas Muller, Sascha Sonido,

Alma will finished this year having published 16 releases and getting so the reference #049. Between all the material, is important take special attention to tracks and remixes from Terry Lee Brown Junior, Sarp Yilmaz, Phonogenic, Da Funk or Nick Harris. The label is preparing new releases with many surprises for 2013.

The Machine [Pete Gooding + James Doman] – The Machine EP

Pete Gooding is a club DJ, music producer and radio presenter, but way beyond any name or title he’s a music fan. In fact, Pete is a Music Man. Thanks to his broad musical taste, deep musical knowledge and boundless energy and enthusiasm, he’s one of the lucky few who have managed to turn ‘what I love’ into ‘what I do’. Pete does music full time, full on, all the time.

James Doman is Canada’s next hottest export and the country’s biggest house DJ. As a DJ and producer his star is firmly in the ascendant, and his latest bombs, is set to make him a mainstay of the UK dance scene.

Since 2006 Pete Gooding and James Doman has joined forces in their project ‘The Machine’ and Stereo Productions is proud to release their first EP here, Rising House & tech house producers ‘The Machine’ delivers a solid groove on the tracks, which blends

the soul of North America with the sound of the Europe, and of course is perfect fitted in Stereo’s Style, rounding out a very solid package.

The Machine EP, is a collection of six tracks, 4 diverse original, Shake, Raw, Oosa & La Jungla and 2 remixes, from the classic Chicago House track ‘Night Moves’ and the collaboration with DJ Chus ‘Get Together’ that was tagged as an essential tune in MMW 2011 by Beatport, and now they delivers their own mix.
Take a quick look at his current list of globally happening projects and it’s not hard to see why 2011 is going to be The Machine year.

The Machine [Pete Gooding + James Doman] – The Machine EP by Stereo Productions


1.The Machine – Shake (Original Mix)
2.The Machine – Raw (Original Mix)
3.DJ Chus, The Machine – Get Together (The Machine Mix)
4.The Machine – La Jongla (Original Mix)
5.The Machine – Oosa (Original Mix)
6.DJ Eako vs Robert Livesu & Ezara Sanders – Night Moves (The Machine Mix)

Listen at:


Buy at:


Minimize your IMPACT

RICHIE HAWTIN & MINUS announce combined Environmental Awareness Initiative: minimize your IMPACT

In response to the times we live in, and due to the ever-increasing amount of proof regarding the impact of human activity on our planet, I am pleased to announce our current environmental initiative. The aim of this strategy is to one day become a carbon neutral company. I also hope that our efforts will both encourage and inspire other musicians, DJ’s & entertainment related companies/individuals to find their own ways to limit their impact on global climate change.

The initiative focuses on two areas: air travel and MINUS’s manufacturing practices.

Richie Hawtin | AIR TRAVEL

Air travel, with its high levels of CO2 emissions, is one of the most significant contributors to climate change. As an international performer I find there are few realistic alternatives to flying thousands of miles per year travelling between performances and online or “virtual” performances are currently no substitute for a “real” physical public performance.

My personal belief is that this has a calculable impact on our environment and therefore since January 1st of this year, in cooperation with Berlin based Atmosfair (www.atmosfair.de), we have been offsetting all of my flight carbon emissions. In addition, these offsets have been recently extended to cover all air travel made by Minus employees.

Carbon Offsetting is the concept of buying carbon credits against one’s CO2 emissions to become carbon neutral. These carbon offsets are then used to contribute toward Atmosfair’s various environmentally conscious worldwide projects that adhere to the internationally accepted Gold Standard certification rules (www.cdmgoldstandard.org).

I feel that carbon offsetting should be used in conjunction with other courses of action to minimise our global footprint. Therefore we are continuing to investigate alternative ways of reducing our combined CO2 output through alternative travel choices such as the use of public transport, cars, trains, bikes and combined artist bus tours such as the “Minus Min2MAX 2006 USA Bus Tour”. We have also introduced other personal and internal office initiatives such as “green” sustainable electricity suppliers.


In realistic terms we are still a music company whose revenue is generated from manufacturing items that are unfortunately harmful to the environment. Most of this damage can be attributed to the manufacturing of vinyl records and compact discs.

While we will continue to support the older paradigm of music lovers and release most major releases on vinyl and/or CD, we have meanwhile focused our attention on the packaging of these products. All new 2007 Minus/Plus 8 vinyl & CD releases have been packaged in either sustainable FSC (www.fscus.org) certified papers and/or a combination of recycled papers. In addition we have also introduced a new CD packaging design that contains no plastics.

We are also taking steps to introduce these types of papers into other areas of the company, and encouraging many of our worldwide partners & promoters to also be more conscious of the available alternatives. For example, the recently introduced Minus/Beatport promotion download cards created on biodegradable corn stock (www.natureworksllc.com).

We will also continue to strengthen our support of digital download technologies that promote a more environmentally friendly music distribution system. Currently we are introducing the entire Minus catalogue on our new online store (www.m-nus.com), as well as working with our partner Beatport (www.beatport.com) to ensure viable digital alternatives to purchasing physical goods. Listen differently, download digitally!

As there is always new research and data in the ever changing area of global climate change, we will continue to evaluate our position and the steps that we can make towards being as environmentally friendly and as neutral as possible.

Richie Hawtin, President Minus Inc. / Plus 8 Records Ltd. / Minus Multimedia GmbH